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Affordable Housing

At CJH Land we are aware that the provision of Affordable Housing plays a significant role in achieving maximum value for development land.

Affordable housing is now a common requirement for the majority of developments over a certain number of units. It varies from Council to Council but it can be applicable on developments of as little as 2 units. The delivery of affordable housing is a key component where we have, for a number of years, demonstrated the necessary skills to maximise the value for our retained clients.

We have a strong working relationship with the Homes & Communities Agency, the majority of Local Authorities and Registered Providers/Housing Associations operating in the South West. These relationships are vital in understanding how this sector of the development industry works.

We are currently retained by a number of national house builders in advising them on the delivery of their affordable housing obligations and the procurement of the best value for this aspect of their developments.

Simon Parks is our Affordable Housing Director with over 15 years experience of working in the affordable housing sector, in both the South West and South East of England.
We are able to provide the following services:

To contact Simon please call 01275 463588 or email [email protected]
To contact Sarah please call 01392 346235 or email [email protected]

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